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August Is the Perfect Time to Thank Summer Volunteers

Summer is wrapping up and it’s the perfect time to thank volunteers who’ve served during the summer. What better way to thank them than to invest in their hearts by going to a team training?

Where has the summer gone? Sunday school season is about to start up again, and your team has been busy all summer investing in kids! Chances are, both you and your team could use a recharge and some great new ministry ideas for your toolbox.

August is the perfect time to refresh your team by thanking them. Consider the following checklist for a healthy, recharged, and equipped ministry. At the end of summer, thank your volunteers for the things on this list that are true of them.

  • The ministry operates smoothly. The team accomplishes a lot, exudes a sense of belonging, has fun, and enjoys a powerful ministry.
  • Weekly team meetings. The entire team gathers weekly to connect. The agenda provides time for informational updates, brief training tips, affirmation for one another, sharing of personal updates and needs, and time for authentic prayer.
  • Weekly check-ins. Each team member has a brief, regularly scheduled time to check in with his or her leader to go over the past week’s and the upcoming week’s objectives. These can be as simple as a five-minute phone call or a text check-in.
  • Shared stories. The team celebrates the good things God is accomplishing through the children’s ministry. Every week, all the time.
  • First names. Team members refer to one another by first names. Collegiality is more important than forced “respect” in the form of titles.
  • Direct communication. Team members with concerns go directly to those who can do something about those concerns. No whining with other team members. Healthy teams may not feel they have anything to complain about. But when something needs to be addressed, they do it through direct and respectful communication.
  • Regular training. Team members feel equipped and resourced to perform their role successfully. Ideally, training happens in an environment where community and relationships thrive—and of course, include food!
  • Laughter. The frequent sound of wholesome laughter permeates a staff that enjoys one another-and the joy of serving God together.

A healthy team precedes a healthy ministry. And conversely, an unhealthy team can’t produce a healthy, effective ministry. Once the summer race is complete, why not thank volunteers who’ve given their all by pouring back into them, equipping them, and loving them?


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