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Top-25 Web Sites for Children’s Ministers

Children’s Ministry Magazine is celebrating our 25th year of partnering with you to make Jesus irrestible to kids—but you get the gifts! In this issue, we’ve picked our 25 favorite web sites for your ministry (listed alphabetically). Whether you’re looking for resource providers, idea generators, organizational tools, or ways to keep current with media, our list has you covered.


1. This site is a treasure trove of free craft ideas. With 24 different categories, you’ll find the perfect craft to match any lesson. If you sign up for free, you’ll get newsletters full of ideas. You’ll also be able to save favorite crafts, add personal notes to crafts, and upload your own ideas.


2. This Disney-run website gives deep insight into what it’s really like to parent in today’s world. It’s easier to minister to kids when we understand issues parents face, such as big things like depression and over-scheduled lives to small things like wondering what in the world to make for dinner tonight. The site includes insightful articles on parenting, pregnancy, entertainment, and lifestyle topics.


3. This project-management platform lets you organize and keep track of every aspect of a project—from inception to execution. Rather than sending (and trying to keep track of) a bunch of communication streams, they’re all in one place.


4. You love the magazine. Right?! Well, our website is packed with even more practical advice, articles, and help for children’s ministers—all from the same trusted team who bring you the magazine. You’ll find articles on games, Bible activities, teacher tips, leadership, free Sunday school lessons, and info on our popular KidMin Conference. Come join the conversation!

5. Coming at Christianity from different angles, offers insight into politics, faith, music, and movies. One thing that makes this site unique is that it often addresses issues facing Christians across the globe.


6. With nearly 13,000 members, this massive community is full of people who are in your shoes. Go here to ask ministry-related questions, answer questions, or browse past topics. You’ll make connections with children’s ministers near and far, which makes what we do everyday seem less isolated.


7. This site is full of Bible-based crafts, games, VBS-specific crafts, and activities. You’ll even find free lessons in Spanish.


8. You’ll get loads of great crafts, ideas, and activities here,  but the real stars are the great recipes, including lots of allergy-friendly treats. Fun and yummy! What else would Disney deliver?


9. Have you ever wondered how political primaries work? Or what the difference is between an English, French, and Japanese garden? Look here to find out. This site is chock full of useful knowledge of the basic workings of just about everything. Great info for yourself and for kids.


10. Kidology is a nonprofit organization dedicated to resourcing children’s ministers and to making their lives easier. You’ll find a podcast, coaching, YouTube videos, a job center, and a wide range of categories that cover just what you’re looking for.


11. This site is devoted to keeping you informed about the children’s entertainment industry. You’ll discover ways marketers are targeting kids, which studios are releasing kid-friendly flicks, and what technology will soon hit the market.


12. No site is more useful for keeping informed about the media kids are consuming. With in-depth reviews of movies, TV shows, books, and video games, you’ll be on the cutting edge of kids’ media consumption.


13. With sections for both preschool and grade school, this site has downloadable Sunday school lessons, crafts, games, puzzles, skits, songs, and more. You do have to purchase a membership—$39 per year for an individual, or $98 per year for a group.

One thought on “Top-25 Web Sites for Children’s Ministers

  1. has a lot of their lessons for free, you just need a membership to access all their lessons. Also I would look elsewhere to make photobooks as the one I made through Shutterfly fell apart after a couple of years and they don’t keep your books so they couldn’t replace it.

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