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7 Cool Ways to Receive Offerings


Blog 10.26What would you do with $100,000? What
would your kids do?

Baylor Bonham is a remarkable 11-year-old boy
I read about this week. Despite his young age,
this young man has a large heart. In 2011, he earned $27,000 at a
national stock show. When asked what he was going to do with his
winnings, Baylor said he was going to set some aside for college
and give part of it to the children’s ministry at his church in
Newcastle, Oklahoma. His parents, who hadn’t told him what to say,
were moved to tears by his willingness to give back.

In January of this year, Baylor’s hard work
paid off again when another one of his steers earned him an
astonishing $106,000 at the stock show. Once again, Baylor showed
that he had a heart for giving when he said that he planned on
tithing on his winnings to his church. In fact, his parents said
that he would give it all away if they let him.

What an amazing kid! To have giving back to
his church be one of the first things that popped into Baylor’s
mind after winning that much money tells me that he is wise beyond
his years. I think a lot of kids have giving hearts, and we should
give them an opportunity to give-not only their money, but also
their time and talents. Group’s Sunday school curriculum KidsOwn
gives kids a chance each week to give an offering to
God. For those of you who give your kids a time for giving at your
church, I want to share some of the cool ways we found to allow
kids to give back.


Say:  One way to thank
God for meeting our needs is to let him use us to meet the needs of
others. We should look for ways to care for others as God cares for
us.Give each person a small envelope and a pencil.

Ask:  Why does God want
to use us to meet needs? 
(Because we are Christians;
because we are supposed to be a light to others.) How
can we help meet the needs of others? 
(Give some of
our things to charity; listen to a friend who is sad; share with
others.) How does giving our offerings show God we’re
thankful that he meets our needs? 
(We are giving
back to God; we are giving our extra money to help others.)

Say:  On your envelope,
list specific ways God has met your needs, or draw a picture of how
God takes care of you. Then, if you brought an offering, place it
in the envelope and seal it. As you put your envelopes in the bowl,
thank God for meeting your needs.

Pass the offering bowl, and have children put
their envelopes in it.


Say:  Today we’ve been
talking about responding to God in worship. Our offering is also a
way to worship God and to thank him. Second Corinthians 9:7 says,
“God loves a cheerful giver.” Let’s give our offerings joyfully
today. But before we bring our offerings, think of the one thing
you love most about God. Praise God for that thing when the
offering bowl comes to you.

Pass the offering bowls.


Give each child a tissue. Have children tear
the tissues into heart shapes. Tissues generally come in two-ply
thicknesses. Have the children separate the layers of the tissues
so they have a heart shape that’s only one ply thick.

Say:  See how easily we
can see through these hearts? The Bible tells us that God sees
inside our hearts. He knows what we’re thinking and feeling. He
knows when we’re worshipping him with sincere hearts. And he knows
when we’re just going through the motions. God has done so much for
us, and he deserves our honest, sincere worship. As we take the
offering this morning, talk to God. Think about promising God that
you’ll worship him with a sincere heart. If you’re ready, you can
make that promise to God.

Take the offering. Have the children take
their hearts home as reminders to worship God with sincere


(This one is used with a lesson on the fruit
of the spirit.)

Pass out small pieces of construction paper
and pencils or markers to the kids.

Say:  We’ve learned a
lot today about God’s Spirit living in us. We learned that when his
Spirit lives in us, we become his children. We learned that he
wants us to grow to be like him. Think about the fruit of his
Spirit that we talked about today. Which one do you need more

Take the paper I gave you and tear it
into the shape of a fruit, such as a banana or an orange. Then
write one word or draw a picture that represents what you want
God’s Spirit to help you with. When the offering bowl comes to you,
put your piece of fruit in the bowl along with money if you brought
some. Ask God to help you grow this week in that area.

Give kids a few minutes to make their fruit.
Then take the offering.


Say:  As Christians, we
know that everything we have really belongs to Jesus, our Lord.
When we give a portion of what we have back to Jesus, we’re telling
him we understand that it all belongs to him. We’re telling him
we’ll let him be in charge of what we do and how we spend what we
have. Let’s give our gifts to Jesus. If you didn’t bring money for
the offering, you can still tell Jesus that he’s Lord of your life.
When the offering bowl comes to you, you can pretend to put in your
life as an offering to Jesus.

Take the offering.


Hand each child a slip of paper and something
to write with.

Say:  Today as we take
our offering, I want you to write the name of one person who has
not been kind to you on your piece of paper. As the offering bowl
comes by you, put the piece of paper in it, and ask God to help you
love that person and treat him or her in a way that would honor
God. Remember-as you show God’s love to that person, you are
worshipping God in your everyday life. If you can’t think of a name
to put on your paper, write the name of a friend who might need
God’s help in a hard situation. If you have an offering today, put
that in the bowl also.

Choose several children to help collect the
offering. Encourage older children to assist younger children with
the writing if necessary.


Direct the children to sit in a circle on the

Say:  Let’s celebrate
God’s love and care with a balloon offering! First we’re going to
worship God by giving to him. God has given us so much. Let’s thank
him with our gifts of money.Pass around the offering

Pray:  Dear God, please
accept these gifts. We know that you can do all things, including
taking away our fears. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Pass around uninflated balloons, and have each
child take one. Distribute permanent markers, and have the children
carefully write their names on the balloons. Make sure older
children help any younger children who need help writing their

Direct the children to blow up their balloons
and hold on to the ends tightly. Have older children blow up
balloons for younger children. Explain that, all together, children
will thank God for releasing them from fear and will then release
their balloons. Lead the children in thanking God for releasing
them from fear, and let children release their balloons.


Many of these ask kids to make an offering of
something besides money. That’s important. Some kids don’t have
money to bring and shouldn’t feel left out and like they are not
able to give to God. Give kids notecards and allow them to write
down something they can give to God besides money, like
volunteering their time or making a pledge to show love to someone
who needs it. This way everyone can be involved, and kids learn
that giving to God involves their whole life, not just their

Do you take offering, and if so, how do you
encourage kids to give? Let us know in the comments

5 thoughts on “7 Cool Ways to Receive Offerings

  1. Helmut Egesa Wagabi
    Helmut Egesa Wagabi

    Wherever parents attend church and give regularly, children will automatically give to the church. When parents are stingy, however, children will also be hesitant to give because they won't understand why giving to God is necessary.
    The tips given in the article are quite helpful and we need to encourage parents to learn them and help their children to give as an honour to the Lord our God.
    Taking the children out for a picnic is a great way to enable them see that the money they give helps everyone in the church.

  2. Dedie

    These examples are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Dedie

    These examples are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. David

    Helmut- Thanks again for your comments! I agree that it's important for kids to understand why we give.

    Dedie- No problem! Glad you liked them!

  5. Julie Weslake
    Julie Weslake

    At my home church the money for the reburbishment of the church is called the Joash offering and is collected by children carrying buckets. The children empty their buckets into a big chest at the front of the church.They love it.

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7 Cool Ways to Receive Offerings

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