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50 Affirmation Ideas From the Grocery Store


What’s something we all have to do at one time or another even
though we’d rather not?

Grocery shopping.

What’s something we all should do at one time or another but we
often forget?


Why not blend the two activities?

We sent our super-sleuth staff to a local grocery store to look
for cheap (under $2) affirmation ideas. The next time you’re at the
store, buy something for teachers. Then use a ribbon to attach a
note to each item and let people know how wonderful you think they

  • Zest soap — You add zest to our program!
  • Quik drink mix — Thanks for being so QUIK to help out!
  • Whoppers candies — Thanks for your whopper ideas!
  • Baby Ruth candy bar — You’re a real slugger! Keep on batting
    for children.
  • Mounds candy bar — You’re making a mound of difference!
  • Snickers candy bar — You don’t hear any snickers from your
    class when you teach the Bible.
  • 5th Avenue candy bar — Your teaching would stand out on Fifth
    Avenue! You’re great!
  • BarNone candy bar — Bar none, you’re the best!
  • 100 Grand candy bar — You’re worth even more to us.
  • PayDay candy bar — What a payday you’ll have in heaven.
  • Life Savers candies — You’re a real life saver.
  • Potato chips (variety pack) — You’re a chip off the block;
    you’re so much like our father!
  • Salt — You make children thirst for God!
  • Equal sweetener — When it comes to reaching kids, you have no
  • Sugar substitute — There’s no substitute for you!
  • Slice soft drink — You’re an important slice of our pie; we
    wouldn’t be whole without you!
  • Gatorade drink — You quench kids’ thirst for God!
  • Kool-Aid packet — You’re a cool aid!
  • Mountain Dew soft drink — You do so much for kids!
  • 7UP soft drink — (List 7 reasons you’re up about them or their
  • Crush soft drink — In a crush, I can depend on you!
  • Peanuts — We’re nuts about you! Thanks for bringing kids out
    of their shell.
  • Seasoning packets — You add spice to our program!
  • Candles — You share Jesus’ light with so many.
  • Bugles snacks — Thanks for proclaiming God’s Word!
  • Teddy Grahams cookies — Thanks for being a big teddy
  • Animal crackers — This place would be a zoo without you.
  • Fat-Free Newtons cookies — Thanks for trimming the fat from
    our program.
  • Cracker Jack popcorn — You’re the prize in our program!
  • Pretzels — We’d be in knots without you.
  • Party mix — Thanks for joining our party! You add a new
  • Bottled water — You haven’t bottled up the living water.
  • Energizer battery — Thanks, you keep on going and going!
  • Halls cough drops — You belong in God’s halls of fame!
  • Small mirror — You’re a reflection of God’s love!
  • Rubber bands — Thanks for being flexible!
  • Heart-shaped soap — I appreciate your heart for children.
  • Band-Aid adhesive strips — Thanks for coming to our aid!
  • Cotton swabs — This is just the tip of our thanks!
  • Hanger — You’re getting the hang of it; hang on to God’s
  • Light bulbs — You’ve got great ideas!
  • Glue or tape — Thanks for sticking with us!
  • Recipe cards — You’ve got the ingredients of a great
  • Flashlight — Jesus shines through you!
  • Funnel — God’s love funnels through you to kids!
  • Ball — Kids in your class are having a ball! Keep up the good
  • Ziploc bags — Teaching is your bag!
  • Matches — Your creative teaching is red hot!
  • Dog bones — No bones about it, you’re the best!
  • Joy dishwashing liquid — You bring joy to kids!

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