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5 Outside Games and Activities for Your Ministry

When it gets hot outside, these five action-packed, fun-filled games and activities not only are a blast to play, but also can help your kids dig into God’s Word. Check them out!


1. Dribble, Dribble, Splatter
It’s amazing what a cup of water can do to a simple game like Duck, Duck, Goose. Combine it with Ephesians 2:10, and you have a wet way to help kids discover that God has called them for his plan.

2. Ice Cold Toes
If your kids really need to cool down, this is the game for you! Based on the parable of the hidden treasure (Matthew 13:44-46), kids will find treasures in a kiddy pool full of ice using only their bare feet.

3. The Path
Kids ages 6 to 12 will love this twist on an obstacle course. Partners will have to help their blindfolded teammate traverse the course with simple, nonverbal clues. After the game, guide kids  through a discussion of Psalm 121.

4. Anger Bubbles
Kids discover what James 1:19 means in this simple but fun game of bubble  blowing. All you need are some bowls of water, straws, and dishwashing liquid and you’re ready to play.

5. Explosive Power
This is a new twist on the old science-fair classic volcano. Using some household items and Romans 1:20, you can create an experience that will help kids understand God’s power.


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