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4 Ways to Control Your Inner Control Freak

ControlIf you
secretly–or not so secretly–believe no one can do a job as well
as you, you’re a control freak. Taking over other people’s
assignments when they struggle, have a question, or stray off track
is a common symptom. This tendency is destructive to you and to
your team–so get a grip before you begin your next big

Try these four things.

  1. Share. Outline responsibilities in ways that
    maximize individual strengths.
  2. Communicate. Meet frequently for updates and
    to address concerns. Resist the temptation to discard others’ ideas
    or take over what they’re doing. If a team member is genuinely in
    trouble, offer guidance but don’t take over.
  3. Assess. If you sincerely feel someone needs
    you to step in, take a look at what’s really going on. Is it an
    isolated incident, or an ongoing issue? If you can objectively say
    that the person needs help, then help–but don’t take over.
  4. Release. A tendency to take over means you’re
    doing more and more. Take stock of projects or responsibilities
    you’ve taken over. If 20 percent or more of your total job is
    working on “takeovers,” you’re on the fast track to burnout. Start
    reassigning or eliminating–and don’t fill the empty slots with
    more takeovers.

One thought on “4 Ways to Control Your Inner Control Freak

  1. Nevan Hooker
    Nevan Hooker

    We were just talking about this today. "#4 Release" It's a good thing to realize that God can work through competent and incompetent people just the same.

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