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FREE: 4 Fun Self-Esteem Boosters

Give your kids a positive shot in the arm with these ideas.

If there’s one thing kids need today, it’s an immunity to low self-esteem. Many children are so infected by poor self-esteem that they’re unable to say anything positive about other children or themselves. Use these self-esteem boosters to inoculate your kids against negativism. Kids will enjoy doing them, and they’ll walk away with a healthier view of themselves.


Make a yarn circle on the floor that’s big enough for all the children to stand in, yet small enough that they’ll have to stand close together. Form a circle of children around the yarn circle 4 feet away from the yarn.

Say: This circle is for a special person in this room. Let’s find out who belongs in this special circle. If you answer “yes” to any question I ask, take a step toward the circle.

Encourage all of the children to move forward after each question.

Ask: Does God love you? Is there something special and different about you? Do you like to laugh and have fun? Do you make mistakes sometimes? Can you think of something you know how to do, such as jump on one foot across the room?

By this time, everyone should be inside the circle.

Say: Look at all the special people we have in our classroom! You are all so special!

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FREE: 4 Fun Self-Esteem Boosters

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