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3 Reasons I Serve in Sunday School Every Sunday

Volunteers who serve in Sunday school every Sunday are becoming more and more rare in Sunday schools everywhere. For directors, this is unfortunate for a prime reason–it increases the number of people you have to recruit. For teachers, I’m afraid they’re being robbed of huge blessings. And for children and families, I’m afraid that they’re missing out on amazing ministry that happens when someone is willing to commit weekly.

For me as a teacher, there are three key reasons that I want to be with my 2-year-olds every Sunday at 9:30 (that I’m in town).

1. Consistent Presence–Studies are showing that “regular church attendance” means twice-a-month attendance. So my kids and their families are coming to church inconsistently. Who knows which Sunday these kids will attend? When they come, I want them to have some consistency–and someone who knows their name. If I’m there every week, the one consistent presence for them–other than God himself–is me. This consistency pays off. When little ones are hesitant to come to class, they see me and I know something about them that I can use to pull them into class. “Hey, Logan, we have trains! Want to play trains with me?” Other than that, parents have told me that their children have struggled when I’ve been gone–they want to see the same face every week!

2. Family Ministry–We talk a lot about family ministry and how important the family is to reach children today. But where do we think that really happens? I believe that for many parents it happens at the drop-off/pickup time in Sunday school. Just a few weeks ago, Elijah’s mom said, “I see you here every week but I don’t even know your name.” We introduced ourselves and the next week enjoyed the new budding relationship we’re building. In fact, I have her daughter in my class now and Mom and I are getting together for coffee this week.

A single mom recently told me that her son is stuttering and she didn’t know what to do. So I asked a former speech pathologist for help then emailed the mom with some advice. That kind of trust and intersection with one another’s lives comes from being there for those parents week in and week out.

3. Delight–I say it over and over: Being with my 2-year-olds on Sunday morning is the highlight of my week. I love helping them know that Jesus loves them! I enjoy sharing God’s Word with them. I love hugging them, playing with them, feeding them, and taking care of their needs. Serving them and loving them meets needs in my life that nothing else does. Yeah, it’s selfish but the rewards keep me coming back week after week.

9 thoughts on “3 Reasons I Serve in Sunday School Every Sunday

  1. Robin

    Oh Chris, I feel the same way about my Wed. night class. I've taught it almost exclusively for the last three years… with a few missed weeks here and there. And boy to I feel it in MY OWN life when I'm not there. These children ranging from 2 – 4th Grade are such a joy to work with and we learn together. Thank you for feeling the same way I do.

  2. Million Kebede
    Million Kebede

    I want to serve Christian Children because I am Sunday school teacher so I want to advice.

  3. I am very please with the information I received on you website. Thank You for the insight on some very great Ideas to use in my sunday class.

  4. I taught two year olds for over ten years. Nearly never missed!!! Teaching them increased my own accountability. I felt I rose to a new height in my walk with Jesus as I was planning lessons for them that would show the love of God to them as they showed His abounding love to me!

    • Christine Yount Jones

      You’re a woman after my own heart, Teresa! I love ministering to 2’s also! And I love how you said, “I felt I rose to a new height in my walk with Jesus!”

  5. I have taught Children for many years now. When I first started, it was for a Wednesday evening program. The person who was working with our kids decided she would no longer do so. So, just like that, there was nothing for the school aged children in our church to do. I was really upset by this because I had kids in the program and when I attended church on Wednesday evening, there was nothing for my children to do. I basically just quit going and I really missed it. Wednesday evening was my mid week pick me up to get me through to Sunday. One evening when I was at home alone with my kids, in my mind (not out loud) I was grumbling about the kids program at church and something had to be done. When all of a sudden, just as if he was in the room with me, I heard God say, “Debbie, you can do it!” I thought about that and decided I had to but really was concerned about me getting my mid week pick me up by being fed on Wednesday. But what really happened? I ended up learning so much by teaching those children, and I enjoyed it more than anything I had ever done with my church. So, don’t feel that you will be missing something if you teach children, because you will learn just as much if not more, and it is such a satisfying feeling knowing that you are leading children to Jesus Christ. Go for it!

  6. I love teaching kids! I started teaching when my youngest daughter was 4 months old. I would bring her in her baby carrier. I taught every week for 17 straight years. I’ve taught all ages- 2 years – 6th grade. My favorite being 1st-3rd graders. They already know the program and still love the teacher and aren’t getting an attitude yet! I went to Sunday School up until I was in Junior High and stopped going through my high school years when my neighbor who used to take me moved away. When my first child was born I came back to Christ. Things I had forgotten about and learned in Sunday School came back to me as my heart was open to the Lord. This is what gave me a desire to teach children, knowing that I was planting seeds in their lives that would stay with them or that God could bring back to their minds years later. I took a break from teaching for a while because of some family issues but again the Lord was tugging at my heart a few years ago and started teaching again. I saw how that as you are stating in your article, that no one is committed to teach every week anymore and know how important it is for kids to have a constant teacher who loves and cares for them is. Some classes in our church still have rotating teachers, but two of us have committed to weekly teaching. Praying for more teachers to make that commitment for our kids!

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