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10 Tips to Manage Kids’ Stress Levels in Your Children’s Ministry

summer. I can’t think of a more relaxing time.”

That quote was said by nobody in Children’s Ministry. We work
around kid’s sport and camp schedules, set up for vacation Bible
school, and deal with vacationing volunteers, all while sweating in
the summer heat. I would ask for a show of hands from everyone
already stressed out, but their hands are probably full with
permission slips, leader guides, and an energy drink.

But, as stressful as our lives can be, the kids in our ministry
can have it even worse. Growing up has never been easy, and with
today’s challenges, it is even harder. Stress is all around, and
kids who do not know how to deal with it can act up in class or
miss the message.

Here are 10 tips to help reduce the stress level of the children
in your ministry:

  1. Encourage parents to limit their kid’s TV time by giving them
    family activity ideas.
  2. I know you only have kids for a short time, but give them a
    chance to transition after activities. Plan your time wisely so you
    don’t rush kids.
  3. Calm yourself before teaching. Stress seems to be contagious,
    and kids can pick up when your stress level is off the charts.
  4. Get your kids physically active. Have a particularly stressed
    bunch? Stop the lesson and let them run a few laps in or do some
    simple, fun exercises. Work the stress out.
  5. Offer healthy food during snack time.
  6. Talk with kids outside of the lesson setting. Let them share
    their feelings and tell them that some stress is part of normal
  7. Admit when you’re wrong or make a mistake. You set a good
    example for the kids and show that we all fall short of
  8. Games are great, but remember that it doesn’t always have to be
    a competition. Come up with a challenge and let kids work together
    and use their problem solving skills.
  9. A classic stress reliever, have kids breathe slowly in and out.
    Consider tying it into the lesson with by using Psalm 150:6 or
    Genesis 2:7.
  10. If your church is so inclined, start incorporating music with
    movement.  Letting kids sing or do sign language to worship
    music is a great way to calm stressed minds.

So there you have it. Keep these tips in mind, and pretty soon
your class will be stress-free. If you are having a hard time
dealing with your own stress, don’t worry. We have some great ways for you to
as well!

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10 Tips to Manage Kids’ Stress Levels...

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Get free weekly resources from us!
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