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10 Blessings
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10 Blessings to Be Thankful for in Children’s Ministry

In case you’re having a hard time finding things to be thankful for, here’s a list of 10 blessings to be thankful for in children’s ministry. With Thanksgiving a few weeks away, now is a great time to count your blessings. We’re so fortunate, and sometimes we take that for granted.

1. Thank you, God, for when I have an obnoxious kid who keeps interrupting me. Because you just showed me who needs the most love from me today.

2. Thank you, God, for the sports my kids play, and that they can’t participate in practices for the church’s
Christmas play. Because I can attend games and reach kids who’d never see Jesus otherwise.

3. Thank you, God, for parents who like to argue. Because it gives me a chance to connect with that
family as a whole.

4. Thank you, God, for kids who come in late. Because I get to repeat the message and kids get to hear it
one more time.

5.Thank you, God, for when a volunteer is out sick. Because I get the opportunity to step in and work closely with kids I don’t normally get to know.

6. Thank you, God, for youth pastors. Because even when we disagree, we’re on the same team helping young people love you.

7. Thank you, God, for kids rooms without heating or cooling. Because on hot days, I get to take the lesson outside, and on cold days, kids all sit close together.

8. Thank you, God, for church leadership meetings that run long. Because that shows I have a team that is
committed to your cause, rather than skipping out for lunch.

9. Thank you, God, for times when the lesson I had planned just doesn’t work they way I expected it
to. Because you took it in a direction that I’d never imagined going.

10. Thank you, God, for all the trouble and hassle that comes along with being a children’s minister. Because in the end, when a child accepts you, it’s all worth it.


Look for blessings every day. And share God Sightings, times where you see God at work, with your team. The children’s ministry world can be tough, but we have so many reasons to be thankful.

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