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10 Amazingly Easy Bulletin Boards

You’ll love these new ways to capture people’s

Bulletin boards can inform, encourage, and motivate children and
volunteers. Before you jump in to these new bulletin board ideas,
remember these success tips: If you involve children in creating a
bulletin board display, they’ll check it out more often. And you
can create more interest in a bulletin board by announcing its
theme in the monthly newsletter or weekly church bulletin.

Try these 10 amazing displays.

1. With Bells On-Cut out brightly colored bell shapes and
black handles. Punch a hole at the edge of each paper bell, tie a
short string, and attach a jingle bell. On each paper bell, write a
different way to serve God. Attach magazine pictures of people
serving God.

2. Star Teachers-Write each teacher’s name on a large
paper star. Have children draw a picture, write a story, or create
a poem in honor of each teacher. Mount these items on brightly
colored paper and place them around the stars.

3. New Bag of Tricks-Title this display “Help Us Improve
YOUR Sunday School.” Attach a decorated paper bag, pictures of a
magician’s hat, magic wand, and rabbit. Provide paper slips and
pencils for children to write suggestions for improvement and drop
in the bag.

4. It’s a Mystery-Place the “It’s a Mystery” title and
several question marks on the board. Each week, put up a clue
that’ll encourage children to find an answer to the current lesson.
Post a clue for each age level, as classes may have different
lessons. You can also use this board to lead children through a
month of clues that’ll help them discover the answer at the end of
the month.

5. Temperature’s Risin‘-Cut out a thermometer shape for
each class. Write last year’s average attendance for each class at
the bottom of its thermometer. Encourage children to invite guests
and call others who haven’t been attending. Keep track of visitors
on the thermometers.

6. Hug a Teacher Month-Put up a heart shape for each
teacher. Have teachers mark on their heart each time they get a
hug. See the marks add up and watch the excitement and fun

7. Read Any Good Books Lately?-Write the names of Bible
books on book shapes. Encourage children to read at least one of
these entire books. Have children write their names on the correct
book shape when they’ve completed the reading. Include younger
children by having parents read books to them (from simplified

8. Amazing Facts-Using a Bible book of facts or your
Bible dictionary or concordance, discover interesting facts to
include in this display. List where each item is mentioned in the
Bible. For example, “The locust was considered a real treat to eat
in Bible times. (Answer found in Leviticus 11:21-22.)” Include
pictures of each fact to increase the interest level. Change the
fact weekly.

9. Home Improvement-Cut out shapes of tools such as
hammers and saws. On each tool, write a way to work on our
relationship with Jesus, such as “read the Bible,” “pray daily,” or
“help others.” On blank tool shapes, have children write ways they
work on their relationship with God each week.

10. Blessing Tree-Create a large tree shape on a bulletin
board. Title the board “Fill Up the Blessing Tree.” Each week, have
children write one blessing they learned from the lesson and attach
it to a leaf on the tree.

Mary Davis is a freelance writer in Iowa.

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  1. Many thanks! it can be useful to people!

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10 Amazingly Easy Bulletin Boards

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