Valentine Craft: Wrapped in His Love

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Use this Valentine craft: Wrapped in His Love as a children’s message to help kids know that God’s love can wrap us in comfort when we’re feeling down.

Supplies: Bible, scissors, colored pencils, stickers, and Heart Envelope handouts from Web Exclusives


Have kids cut out the hearts. Say: Tell about a time you felt down or sad.valentine craft

Inside the center rectangle in the heart, have kids draw or write something they currently feel sad about or have been sad about in the past.

Say: When we’re down, we can always count on God to listen to us.

Invite kids to silently tell God about what they shared.

Read aloud Psalm 86:6-7, and have kids fold the left side of the heart inward on the fold line.

Invite kids to ask for God’s wisdom about what they shared.

Read aloud Psalm 86:11-13, and have kids fold the right side of the heart inward on the fold line.

Invite kids to ask God for help.

Read aloud Psalm 86:1-5, and have kids fold the top of the heart inward on the fold line.

Say: We can always call to God and he’ll wrap us in his love like a warm blanket.

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Have kids fold the bottom part of the heart inward to complete the envelope. Have kids put a sticker over the point of the bottom of the heart to hold the folds closed.

Ask: What do you think about God wrapping you up in his love when you’re down?

Invite kids to trade hearts with someone and hold the other person’s heart while they pray for the other person.

Say: Take home your own heart as a reminder that God’s love can comfort you.

Stefanie Widney
Bryan, Ohio

Preschool Twist

Cut out the hearts ahead of time. Have kids draw about something that makes them sad on the hearts. Help kids fold the sides, and explain that God’s love can wrap us up like a warm blanket when we’re sad.


Extra Large Group Twist

This idea will work just as well with a large group, but if you want to save on paper, have kids form groups of four. For each fold, have one child in the group of four draw a symbol, then have kids pray with that child for God’s comfort.


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