What Makes KidMin “Unconventional”?


Every KidMin session, every training opportunity, everything about our time together is about you walking away with deeper learning, authentic conversations, and renewed passion. The KidMin Conference is more than a conference; it’s a ministry experience that holds true to these six core values in all we do…

We believe in an agenda that serves and builds the kingdom first, empowers ministry and spiritual growth, and reflects Jesus in our actions and decisions. Jesus is elevated first and foremost at KidMin. Put simply, we ask Jesus to do what all the planning, research, and organization in the world can’t do—to minister to you exactly as you need in each programmed (and unprogrammed) minute you’re here.

You know authenticity when you see it…and it’s powerful. We intentionally make authenticity the root of each KidMin component. Your time here should be a time of ministry, not a “production.” Whatever you’re going through, you’ll find people here who are willing to share openly and honestly that they’ve been at the exact same place. Let’s get real together!

You’ll learn from our top-notch presenters, but you’ll also learn from each other. Pursue relationships with everyone you encounter here (we’ve made it easy!)—other children’s ministers, Group KidMin staff, presenters, ministry partners, and volunteers. Don’t be shy…ask for one-on-one connections over coffee, during a meal, or plopped down on an Xorbee chair.

We value quality teaching as defined by Group’s standards of R.E.A.L.: Relational, Experiential, Applicable, and Learner-based. This marinade style of learning provides extended time for in-depth learning, discussion, and discovery. It’s powerful training that’s led by innovative, in-the-trenches leaders who embody our Core Values.

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We value being “pioneers”—not being tied to “the way it’s always been done” or following in the footsteps of other conferences. We believe in the value of always asking ourselves “how can we do it better?” and creating new experiences each year. We’ll surprise you and challenge you with our innovations.

We maximize your learning by being on the cutting edge of trends in church, kid culture, technology, and understanding what’s happening in the trenches of children’s ministry. KidMin is relevant to all of who you are. Our goal is to equip and encourage you as a “whole” person—in ministry and in personal and spiritual development.

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Christine has more than 28 years of children’s ministry experience. She is the Executive Editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine, has authored many books and articles on children’s ministry, and serves as co-director of the KidMin Conference. She’s led teams in the development of leading innovative resources, including Buzz Instant Sunday School curriculum, Grapple Preteen Curriculum, and the new Dig-In Sunday School curriculum. Follow Christine on Twitter @ChristineYJones

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