11 Quick Sunday School Messages for Elementary Kids


newyou1Use these 11 quick Sunday school messages for elementary kids any time of the year!

New Year’s resolutions are great-in theory. But more often than not they just end up getting broken by January 2. What if rather than setting goals about breaking bad habits, we taught kids to shift their focus toward living a God-centered life?

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With these 11 faith-forward experiences in the new year, kids can enjoy the new life Jesus has given them.

  1. Stay Away, Sin! Kids do a fun experiment with paper and soap in a cup of water.
  2. From the Heart Kids make a twisty heart to learn about God’s love.
  3. New From Old Kids learn that they’re new creations with a trash scavenger hunt.
  4. See It and Believe It Kids learn about faith with this “impossible” experiment.
  5. Faith Like a Seed Young kids will enjoy learning with this fun craft.
  6. Washed Clean It’s a song and a quick craft!
  7. Attitude Influence With just a couple of balls, you’ll help kids adjust their attitudes.
  8. Hard Hearts Kids will see that they can be good eggs with Jesus!
  9. Trash to Treasure Kids will make something beautiful out of garbage.
  10. Hidden and Revealed Kids will enjoy a cool experiment to help them learn about what isn’t seen.
  11. Pressing On This is a great children’s message for the new year!

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11 Quick Sunday School Messages for Elementary Kids
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