13 Places to Meet Potential Volunteers at Church


You can’t recruit someone you’ve never met. Check out these 13 places to meet new people at church.

Thanks to the Spirit of God drawing people week in and week out to your church, you have opportunities waiting to meet and recruit all kinds of new people—perhaps in places you’ve never thought of before.

• At all church events, stand near the food. You’ll easily meet and greet all sorts of hungry new people.

• Serve coffee and doughnuts. Everyone shows up there eventually!

• Attend an adult Christian education class where you’ll get to know others (and you’ll grow, too).

• Join a sports league—even if you don’t have the skills, you’ll have fun.

• Volunteer at the welcome table instead of hanging out at the children’s ministry info table.

• Join the choir or praise team—you’ll get to know God a little better, too, as you worship him!

• Get involved in a small group—for instant friends and fellowship.

• It’s an oldie, but goldie: Follow up with people from your church’s visitor cards—a phone call trumps an email, and a personal visit trumps a phone call. Forget the form letter; that trumps nothing.

• Wander around. A lot. (Try not to look lost, though!)

• Serve your church as a greeter. Give ’em a firm handshake.

• Attend your church’s membership class—always.

• When attending service, sit in a different spot each week. People tend to sit in the same vicinity each week — invade some new space.

• Go to church dinners…and sit with people you don’t know.

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13 Places to Meet Potential Volunteers at Church
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