Preschool Sunday School Lesson: Independence Day

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This Independence Day, use this Sunday school lesson for preschoolers to learn about independence. Find more great Sunday school lessons to help kids grow in their faith.

1. Color Codes Take three children out of the room while you explain this game. Give each child in the class a red, yellow, or green piece of construction paper. Tell the children in the classroom that they can only cheer if one of the children chooses the same color they’re holding.

Bring the children back in and have them take turns choosing a sheet of construction paper. (Include colors other than red, yellow, and green.) Do this several times. Then have the children sit down.

Ask: How did you feel when people cheered for you? How did you feel when people didn’t cheer for you? How did people’s cheers make you want to choose the colors you chose?

Say: The children in our class were loyal to certain colors. Loyal means that we always follow someone. We’re loyal to God when we do what he says. And we’re loyal to our country when we obey its laws.

2. Yea Team! Have children hold hands in a circle. Have children walk into the middle of the circle while saying “yea” and end with “team” when they meet in the middle. Do this several times. Then have the team work on several goals together, such as straightening up the room or making a mural.

Ask: Do you like being part of a team? What do you like about being part of a team? What are your favorite teams, and why do you like them?

Say: When we’re on someone’s side and cheer for them no matter what, that’s called loyalty. How do we show loyalty to our church? to God? to our country?

Say: Let’s practice being loyal to our country by making our country’s flag.

Give children paper and markers. Show them a picture of the flag and have them create a flag to match it. Help children tape their flag to a plastic straw so they can wave it.

3. On Your Side Choose a volunteer to be Moses.

Say: Let’s show our loyalty to Moses by following him and doing everything he says to do.

Play Follow the Leader for three minutes. Then have Moses choose a Joshua to replace him.

Read aloud Joshua 1:16-18.

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Say: God gave the people a new leader when Moses died. And they were loyal to their new leader. Let’s show our loyalty to Joshua by following him and doing everything he says to do.

Play for three minutes.

4. My Country Cheer Give each child a sheet of construction paper. Provide glue, glitter, markers, and ribbon for children to decorate their paper. Roll the paper into a “megaphone” (decorations on outside) and tape shut.

Say: This month, we’ll celebrate our country’s Independence Day. That’s the day we became free from another country. I’ll name good things about our country that we can thank God for. After each one, wave your flags and use your megaphones to yell, “Thank you, God, for…”

Name things such as freedom to come to church, freedom to say what we think, and getting to go to school.

5. Snack: Food For Thought


You’ll need: A 1-ounce package of instant pudding mix, a 14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk, 2 cups milk, 8 cups crushed ice, 3/4 cup rock salt, a 13-ounce coffee can with a lid, a 39-ounce coffee can with a lid, spoons, and bowls. (Makes enough for five.)

Directions: Mix the first three ingredients in the small coffee can. Cover tightly and place in the large can. Alternately pack ice and rock salt around the small can. Cover tightly.

Have kids form a circle and roll the can back and forth for 15 minutes. Talk about how people have had to work together to make our country strong. Then stir the contents of the small can. Roll again for 15 minutes and talk about God’s role in the formation of our country.

Enjoy the ice cream and then close in prayer.

Use this Independence Day Sunday school lesson with elementary-age kids.

Use this Independence Day Sunday school lesson with preteens.

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