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CYJ Children's Ministry Magazine

Children’s Ministry Magazine | November December 2014


Why Families Flee
12 fatal mistakes you can’t afford to make with families.

Discouragement: Denied!
Are you seriously discouraged in ministry? Find out whether you need to recharge, re-evaluate…or let go.

Building BFFs
Don’t miss these 17 practical ways to build healthy, trusting relationships with the kids you teach.

Ministry in First Gear
Explore 5 ways to slow down in ministry—and focus on what’s important.

Tech It or Leave It?
Expert insight on how evolving technology may transform—and challenge—your ministry.

The Givers
Use these 7 great ideas to instill the joy of giving in kids.


Birth to 2
Harvest praise, God’s little lamb, little Picassos, plus more.

Ages 3 to 5
Come be counted, light of the world, rules rule, plus more.

Ages 6 to 9
Remember alter, marshmalations, light the holidays, plus more.

Ages 10 to 12
Thanksgiving bingo, it doesn’t mix, a recipe for faith and works, plus more.


Reaching Out
No business like snow business, how far can little hands reach, little wrappers.

Family Ministry
Glass-house examples, tree-mendous blessings, plus more.

Special Needs
Affordable must-have resources, plus more.

Discipline Q&A
R-rated movies, pastor’s daughter discipline, crying preschooler.

Expert insights from children’s ministry leaders.

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