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Children’s Ministry Magazine | September-October 2015

FCM0915_smrom the Editor


Taming the Entitlement Dragon
Don your armor—it’s time to make your ministry a no-one’s entitled zone.

Solid Solutions for 
4 Ministry Nightmares
What to do when your best ministry efforts go wrong.

Maximizing Midweek Ministry
Effective midweek ministry with kids and families today is about doing it differently—not doing more!

Is Your Ministry SEL Compatible?
Learn how Social-Emotional Learning in education is challenging—and changing—kids today.

The Little Message That Could
10 best practices for delivering effective children’s messages in big church.

Playing a Higher Note
Find out what musical artists Shane & Shane are up to now—and how it can impact your ministry to kids.

Games, Games, Games for Groups of 2 to 222
Use these active, faith-building indoor games in your ministry as kids head back to school.


In every issue, we give you insights, ideas to use, resources, statistics, and more for these age levels…
Birth to 2
Ages 3 to 5
Ages 6 to 9
Ages 10 to 12


This issue is packed with ideas for…

Reaching Out
Fifth Sunday serve, giant touch-tag party, respond to school needs.

Family Ministry
3 ways to listen to parents, Scripture cookies, raising kingdom kids.

Special Needs
A conducive environment, plan pre-parent-pickup activities, adaptive program: finding God.

Discipline Q&A
Preteen unknowingly hurting others, preschooler’s tantrums, mean girls.

Expert insights from children’s ministry leaders.

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