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childrensministrymagazine-scott-julyaugustChildren’s Ministry Magazine | July August 2015


Prayer Changes Generations
Discover a prayer movement that’s strengthening churches—
and children—everywhere.

Quick & Easy Décor

Insights on how to decorate on a dime—and multiply your ministry impact.

Running on Empty?
How filling your tank as a leader will give you the fuel to lead your entire team.

Parents First…for a Change
Do we place unrealistic expectations on parents to make children’s ministry their top priority?

Saying No to Status Quo
Pastor and author Robert Gelinas offers his unique perspective on what ministry must be—and do—today.

Bowling Over Hunger in Honduras
Travel with us to Honduras with Rice Bowls, an organization that has focused on one bowl, one
soul at a time for 35 years.

Everything Is Awesome
Use this LEGO ®-themed volunteer kickoff event to connect and inspire your team for an awesome new year.


In every issue we give you insights, ideas to use, resources, statistics, and more for these age levels…
Birth to 2
Ages 3 to 5
Ages 6 to 9
Ages 10 to 12


This issue is packed with ideas for…

Reaching Out
Summer snow day, back-to-school partnership, child ID event.

Family Ministry
Island parenting, feeling sticks, plus more.

Special Needs
Extended reach, connect peers via technology, plus more.

Discipline Q&A
Preteen disrespect, dealing with conflicts you didn’t witness, empowering kids to resolve their own issues.

Expert insights from children’s ministry leaders.

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