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cm_0712coverIn This Issue of Children's Ministry Magazine: May/June 2014

button_green FEATURES

The Dark Side of Adoption
The dream of adoption can turn into a nightmare for adoptive parents-discover how you can support these families.

Crossed Wires
What you need to know about recruiting, leading, and communicating with everyone on your team.

Spit-Shine Your Tech
You've got tech tools at your fi ngertips. Why not get creative with how you use them?

Preteens: Meet the Parents
This ministry is successfully equipping parents to model, mentor, and share their faith with their preteens.

Chasing Dreams
Jon Acuff shares why following your dreams is so important-for you and the kids you serve.

Get Smart With God
Use these 8 ideas to let kids experience God through their multiple intelligences.

button_orange AGE-LEVEL INSIGHTS

Birth to 2
Weather rhyme, train station, equip new parents, plus more.

Ages 3 to 5
Bubble prayers, flowers for mom, cheerful givers, plus more.

Ages 6 to 9
Nothing's impossible, daffodil trumpets, embrace summer's current, plus more.

Ages 10 to 12
Overflow, recyclable wreaths, bloomin' beliefs, plus more.

button_pink IDEAS

Reaching Out
Planting seeds, buddy system, rest for the weary.

Family Ministry
Family faith conversations, family prayer pails, The Love Dare for Parents Bible study.

Special Needs
Support for a new diagnosis, diversify perspectives, not alone parents.

Discipline Q&A
Roaming children, disruptive kids, preschooler crier.

Expert insights from children's ministry leaders.

>>And much more...


CyjFrom the Editor:

"I look at dream chasing as diving deeper into the person God created you to be," says Jon Acuff in "Chasing Dreams" on page 88.

I love that: Diving deeper into the person God created you to be!

Perhaps you're living that dream or you may be in the middle of wanting to wake up from a nightmare. You may be one of those people who dreams in full color when it comes to ministry or someone who never dreams at all.

Either way, come chase God's dream for you at Group's KidMin Conference September 26-29 in Columbus, Ohio. I believe this event could be pivotal in your ministry and life-for both to become what God created them to be!

Keynote Jon Acuff, the New York Times bestselling author of Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters, will join other general session speakers and worship bands to provide a spark of life that'll ignite any dying embers of a ministry dream gone cold. I hope you'll join us!

With more than 150 workshops, we'll take you deeper into training topics at KidMin. Imagine eight full hours of training with presenters like Patty Smith who'll arm you with skills to stay relevant, dynamic, and multidimensional in sessions like "Status Quo, Oh No!" Cynthia Crane, described as "caffeine with legs," plans to do "A Little Bit of Surge-ry" with her characteristic energy and creativity. You never leave emptyhanded from sessions led by either of these dynamos!

Presenters like Rick Lawrence, author of Sifted: God's Scandalous Response to Satan's Outrageous Demand, and Brian Haynes, author of Shift: What It Takes to Finally Reach Families Today, will lead us into the presence of Jesus so we create dream ministries that are "radically, creatively, passionately, and even ridiculously centered in Jesus." Who could ask for more?

Steve Adams from Saddleback Church and David Wakerley from Hillsong Church in Australia will guide us to create dream teams of volunteers. And Katie Wetherbee, our special needs columnist on page 42, will help us apply a salve of healing to families living in the midst of trauma and crisis.

There are so many others I'd love to tell you about. You can learn more about KidMin at My dream? That you'll join us to see God do amazing things in our lives and ministries. 

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