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Thom Schultz is an eclectic author and the founder of Group Publishing and Lifetree Café. His blog, Holy Soup offers innovative approaches to ministry, and challenges the status quo of today's church.


What’s Bigger Than Your Butts in Seats

The only thing that really matters is butts in seats. For the American church, that is the bottom line. So to speak. Large churches keep score by attendance figures. Small and medium churches fret over declining numbers in the pews.
Posted at 10:00

Go on a Ministry Diet

It’s that time of year. Time to take an honest look at your health and body. Time to resolve to make some changes. It may be time to go on a diet. And for people in ministry, it may be time to go on a ministry diet. Time to cut back on some things.
Posted at 10:22

4 Ways Not to Be a Ministry Goon on Social Media

It’s sometimes amusing–and sometimes just painful–to see how ministers use technology. With the proliferation of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, many people in ministry devote loads of time spraying cyberspace with their words and pictures.
Posted at 08:50

5 Ways the Church Will Change

Is the American church fading away? Will the losses in membership and attendance lead to a marginalized church presence such as that in present-day Europe? What will the American church look like in ten years? Church leaders, denominational executives, and religion researchers gathered in Colorado recently to examine the church’s health and prognosis.
Posted at 10:19

The Vanishing Seekers

Much of the contemporary church has fashioned itself to be “seeker sensitive.” But what if the seekers are no longer seeking? Seeker-friendly churches have been shaped with good intentions. Making church ministry more accessible to the unchurched is an admirable objective.
Posted at 08:54


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