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Thom Schultz is an eclectic author and the founder of Group Publishing and Lifetree Café. His blog, Holy Soup offers innovative approaches to ministry, and challenges the status quo of today's church.


Attend Multiple Churches–At Your Peril

Dwindling church attendance has another wrinkle. A growing number of people who do attend are spreading their attendance among multiple churches.
Posted at 09:00

Reaching the Community-–With No Strings

In the face of agonizing tragedy the church stepped up. After monster tornadoes tore through Oklahoma, the people of the church demonstrated the simple and powerful love of Christ to those they never met. And may never see again.
Posted at 10:17

9 Ways to Me-Too Your Ministry Heroes

When children try to dress like their parents, it’s often cute. When teenagers try to emulate rock stars, it’s often bizarre. When adults try to imitate their folk heroes, it’s often embarrassing.
Posted at 11:32

“Life Change Happens in Circles, Not in Rows.” Are You Kidding Me?

They say the “right” thing. “Sunday morning isn’t the main event. The real ministry happens in our small groups.” “Life change happens in circles, not in rows.” More ministry leaders are arriving at an intellectual or spoken conclusion that effective ministry is relational.
Posted at 10:36

To Become the Best Church in Town

“Our church has the best youth ministry in town.” “Everybody knows we offer the best children’s ministry in the city.” “Our vision is to be the best church in the area.” Over the last ten years I've heard statements like these with increasing frequency. Is this a good thing?
Posted at 10:48


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