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Genuine Humility: An Act of Love

HumilityOver the past couple of weeks, we've talked about what's being called the "Four Acts of Love" on this blog.  If you haven't seen it yet, I encourage you to check out Group founder Thom Schultz's blog. He's doing a series based on his new book, and he discusses things people today want to find in a church-what he calls the "four acts of love." Last week we looked at the act of fearless conversation. Today we'll talk about another act of love, genuine humility.

Thom has recently touched on this act of love in his blog.

"It's the critique that church people hate to hear. The hypocrite thing," says Thom.

"It's everywhere. Research shows that 85 percent of the public views churchgoers as hypocritical. Church people bristle at the accusation. 'Of course we're hypocrites,' one said. 'Everybody-not just Christians-is a hypocrite. Eventually we all say one thing and do another.'

"But that's not really what the public is saying about the church. They're reacting to something deeper and more disturbing. They're reacting to a lack of humility. They smell a foul odor of false superiority. They smell it when we give pat answers to complex issues. They smell it when we elevate the preacher or teacher onto a pedestal of omniscience. They smell it when we talk ten times more than we listen."

In his blog, Thom goes on to list 12 simple ways to demonstrate genuine humility. It's a great read.

We can get another look at humility through a young girl named Bailee Madison. Over at, Bailee shares her story of staying humble in the world of Hollywood. If you've never seen the site before, it's a great place to find inspiration and hear stories from real people…I highly recommend it.


So how do you show genuine humility in your ministry? It's something I think we all want to believe we already do, but I encourage you to take a step back and really look at your ministry from a different perspective.

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