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3 Ways to Equip Your Kids’ Parents for Back to School

School _busHow much involvement do you have with the parents of your ministry's kids? Do parents simply drop off their children? Or are you actively teaming up with moms, dads, and guardians to help them lead their kids spiritually?

Let me encourage you to connect with parents, let them know that you're on their side, and help equip them to raise Christian children. Here are three simple, but effective ways to help equip parents in their mission to show God's love to their little ones.


1. Be a blessing.  In his book, The Family Blessing, Rolf Garborg helps readers understand the power of giving kids a daily word of encouragement. He helps parents understand why they should bless their kids, as well as how to make an unforgettable impact on their children's hearts.

"One of the simplest and most powerful ways to help children know and love God is to give them a daily, concrete encounter with His power and favor by laying hands on them and speaking a blessing over them," says Rolf.

Encourage your parents to actually speak blessings upon their children. With school starting back, now's the perfect time to get into this bonding tradition.

2. Lunch Box Notes. Like I said, school's starting back soon, and lunches will soon be packed. Here's a simple way to give your kids a little something extra to help boost their spirits at lunchtime. We've created cut-and-pack notes that you can print off and give to your parents to use the first week of school. These notes have a word of encouragement and a Bible verse, and can be easily added to a sack lunch on a busy morning.

3. Keeping Connected. Communication is key when it comes to equipping parents. You don't have a lot of time with moms and dads, so it's important to find quick ways to let them know what's going on at your church, and give them simple ways they can share God with their kids. I recommend the Parenting Christian Kids Newsletter. This monthly, customizable newsletter helps parents with tips to bring Bible and prayer time into their lives, as well as information on the best and worst of the media world. Best of all, you can send it to parents by email so those on the go will stay in the know.


How do you equip the parent's in your ministry? Have you seen a trend in children's ministry becoming family ministry? Let us know using the comment section below!

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