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5 Ways Technology Can Boost Your Ministry

CPUFIXEDA Swedish study has shown that kids' reading and writing skills are improved when they read and write on iPads. It could be due to any number of factors, but you have to wonder if kids today learn better using technology. With that in mind, here are five articles that can help you "plug in" to kids' wired world and give your ministry a boost.


1. Involve Everyone. In his article, From Goo-Goo to Google, Matt Guevara takes a look at the trends in technology and shows how we can use that info to better our ministries. His tips are simple, yet very effective. Today's tech is all about allowing everyone to participate. Do your lessons get everyone involved and sharing their input? If not, look for ways to involve the whole group as individuals.

2. Give Options. Echoing what Matt says, Teaching Digital Natives agrees that kids live and breathe technology. One point the article argues is that kids have the freedom of choice at almost all hours of the day. If they don't like a game, they can download a new one. They can start conversations with whomever, whenever. So to help kids feel "powered down" when they walk into your room, allow them to have different options to express themselves. Not only will it keep kids' interest, it will help your message stick with them.

3. Equip Yourself. In this article, we talked to children's ministry experts to see how they use technology in their ministry. I love how Heidi Hensley explains how she uses technology in her ministry-connecting with parents at home and using technology to keep kids safe.

4. Special Needs. This is one area of your ministry that may benefit the most from technology. Check out this article that tells you all about how you can digitize your special needs ministry. Inside, we give you tips on how to fund a technology budget as well as some of the best apps to download as soon as you can.

5. Other Upgrades. Give your whole ministry an upgrade to awesome using Ann Diaz's Wired Ministry article. From animatronic puppets to large scale printers, you may find ways to reboot your ministry into the 21st century.


How do you use technology in your ministry? Do you allow kids to bring and use smartphones and iPads at church? Let us know in the comment section below!

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