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5 Mother’s Day Ideas for Children’s Ministry

MomdayMother's Day is approaching (May 12), and it's time to start planning what kind of crafts you want to help your kids do. We've found some of the best Mother's Day craft ideas out there, and we're going to share them with you now. Hopefully you will find these crafts useful, either by your actually doing them or at least by getting you to brainstorm about other ideas. Here are five Mother's Day crafts your kids will love to make and give.


Flowrs1. Flowerpot Cards-Your preschoolers will love making these adorable flowerpot cards. They take 5 minutes to make, but will be kept for years.





Hands2. Handprint Bouquets-This flower-powered craft from Mrs. Stanford's Class is hands-on…literally. Some paint, ribbon, and paper, and your older kids will be ready to make these cute cards for mothers.





Handflower3. Handprint Craft-This craft, by An Interesting Mix, is perfect for kids not too old and not too young. Again, the theme of moms helping their children grow is used in this craft that will end up being a keepsake.





Mums4. Mums for Moms-If you have a little more time for crafts, this is an amazing one to try out. These flowers come to life with color, thanks to coffee filters and spray bottles.





Puzzle5. Personalized Puzzles-If flowers aren't your thing, here's a fun puzzle that lets kids tell parents that they would "go to pieces" without them.


We have a ton more ideas on the website, including this feature of Mother's Day crafts, songs, games, and more. Also, make sure to check out Group's Seasonal Specials for Children's Ministry for even more great ideas.

What do you have planned for your ministry's mothers (or for those who take care of kids like mothers)? Share with us your plans and craft ideas in the comment section below.

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