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Christine has over 20 years of children's ministry experience. She's the author of 10 books and hundreds of articles related to children's ministry. It's no wonder she enjoys an almost-daily latte to keep her going! She is also the executive editor of Children's Ministry Magazine and serves as Group's children's ministry champion, responsible for research, development, and innovation in children's ministry resources. 

Goodbye, Renee

This morning, I went to a memorial service of a wonderful mother, wife, woman. She wanted the service to be upbeat and positive--and it was. She truly was a generous, loving, giving, fun person. And she died so quickly...diagnosed in July 07 and died in March 08. It happened too fast.

I came away wondering why it is that at services like this I have a twinge of regret. "She was amazing; I wish I'd known her even better." And then I start to make promises to myself that I'll be a better friend to the friends I have now. I can always do better.

My friend RoseAnne said once that eternity is like a book--and our life here on earth is like an itty bitty period in that book--compared to the rest of time.

Renee's short time on earth is over. But now she's with Jesus forever--the Savior she loved and lived for. We'll miss her here.

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What Kids Worry About

Take a look at the results from a KidsHealth poll. What kids worry about may not be what you think they worry about. The poll was taken with 1,154 kids from 9 to 13.

Top things kids worry or stress about:

1. Health of someone they love

2. Their future

3. Schoolwork, tests, or grades

4. Their looks or appearances

5. Their friends and their problems

6. War or terrorism

7. The environment

For full results:

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What We Can Learn From Nick's KCA Awards

Did you watch Nickelodeon's 2008 Kids' Choice Awards last month? Who were you rooting for? What can we learn from kids' choices?

Nickelodeon reports that there were 90 million votes from kids. (Lesson? Kids want to voice their opinions! Kids want to be heard!)

In all 18 categories, the winners are...(which by the way, take a look at the "candy sweet," positive selections--which fit generational insights that Millennials and Futuristics are a much more positive generation than GenX before them!)

And, one other thing before you read the list...Miley Cyrus (my favorite, too) thanked her "Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" when she accepted her blimp award. So cool!


Favorite Movie

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Favorite Animated Movie


Favorite Movie Actress

Jessica Alba

Favorite Movie Actor

Johnny Depp

Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie

Eddie Murphy (Shrek the Third)


Favorite Music Group

The Jonas Brothers

Favorite Female Singer

Miley Cyrus

Favorite Male Singer

Chris Brown

Favorite Song

Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne)


Favorite Reality TV Show

American Idol

Favorite TV Show

Drake & Josh

Favorite TV Actress

Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)

Favorite TV Actor

Drake Bell (Drake & Josh)

Favorite Cartoon

Avatar: The Last Airbender


Cameron Diaz


Favorite Male Athlete

Tony Hawk

Favorite Female Athlete

Danica Patrick


Favorite Video Game

Madden NFL '08

Favorite Book

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

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If You're Happy and You Know It...

Check this out...

A new study supports the view that kids with faith are happier!

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Apples to Oranges?

Family ministry is a big topic of discussion around here these days--as I'm sure it is everywhere in children's ministry!

In one particular meeting, someone lamented "why can't our Christian parents be as motivated as soccer parents?" You know the line of thinking. And I've said the very same thing! But this time, it made me wonder--are we comparing apples to oranges? Are we really talking about the same set of parents?

I'm a soccer mom to one of my three children--because she's an amazing soccer goalie and is intrinsically motivated to play. She plays on a traveling team so our family gets her to and from practices and games. We pay the big money. And we even travel to overnight games sometimes. But is it fair to compare that with ALL the parents who  bring their kids to our churches? Not every parent does this with soccer. I'd say there are "elite" soccer, ballet, piano, karate parents, etc. And, in the same vein, aren't there "elite" church parents? You know the ones: They come to every program, volunteer willingly, get involved in the Christmas production, and more. Let's compare those "elite" church parents with the "elite" sports parents. Then we'll genuinely be comparing apples to apples.

And with the other parents--you know, the regular ones who don't do all that--maybe we can have a different, more gracious approach to what they're willing and able to do. And maybe we'll really understand what these parents need from us. What do you think?

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