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Christine has over 20 years of children's ministry experience. She's the author of 10 books and hundreds of articles related to children's ministry. It's no wonder she enjoys an almost-daily latte to keep her going! She is also the executive editor of Children's Ministry Magazine and serves as Group's children's ministry champion, responsible for research, development, and innovation in children's ministry resources. 

Need to Breathe

I heard this on KLOVE in regard to the band "Need to Breathe" and where their name came from. It inspires me! (And I used it in my July/Aug Children's Ministry Magazine Editor Letter.)

There's a story told about the philosopher Socrates lecturing a group of students around a body of water. One student asked Socrates, "When, great teacher, do I know when I am truly seeking knowledge?" Without answering, Socrates walked over and pushed the student's head underwater. When the student tried desperately to push up out of the water, Socrates finally let him go. Then the wise philosopher said, "When you desire knowledge as desperately as you desired air to breathe, you know you're truly seeking knowledge."

How desperate are you to keep learning? How much do you gasp for the air of truth and knowledge in your relationship with God and your children's ministry?

Posted at 14:37

Not That One, This One!

Just avoided a big "oops" in Buzz: Tomb Raiders (Bible stories about resurrections). It's the story of Saul and the witch of Endor from 1 Samuel 28. And, yes, I had approved it earlier in the Scope and Sequence without reading the full text. Upon reading the story, though, I'm cutting it now. We won't include it because it'll raise questions that aren't appropriate for fifth- and sixth-graders to grapple with.

Basically, the story goes like this: God wasn't speaking to Saul, so Saul went to a medium and had her "raise" Samuel. Which she did. And Samuel talked to Saul about why God wasn't speaking to him.

Yikes! What do you do with a story like that with kids? Yes, it's in the Bible. But how can we reconcile that the powers of darkness worked and then Samuel spoke on God's behalf? Well, as an adult, I'm confused!

So it's not a story we'd choose to cover with kids in any of our curriculum. But that brings up a question: What are the filters you use in your children's ministry for which Bible stories you will and won't use with kids of different ages?

Posted at 19:21

All About Twitter...

Interesting conversation on Facebook about Twitter and now I'm blogging about it. The circularity of social media!

Christine Yount Jones Will Twitter be short-lived? Is anyone else struck by the fact that it's primarily one-way communication?

Courtney Fassler Walsh

Adam WalshTwitter was short-lilved with me. I figured not that many people were interested in "Adam's texting while driving", or "Adam is watching a dance recital". I mean, who cares, really? It's just the status update from Facebook...:)

Christine Yount JonesThank you for that comment! i get almost nothing from folks on Twitter. I find Facebook so miuch more satisfying. What does that say about me?
Adam WalshThat you're needy like the rest of us. ;)
Ray TollisonHey CYJ, I do most of my online conversating (hmm is that a word, I need an editor) on twitter. I spend more time on twitter and get a lot more useful info there than I do from FB! But hey that is just me!
Ali 'bennett' ThompsonRay - "conversing" (editor at your service!) :)
Ray TollisonThanks Ali! I kind of like conversating though?:)
 Henry ZonioIf you see Twitter as just a status update, then there will be no conversations... Twitter is more marketing. You get what you put into it and who you follow. It's like walking into a cocktail party, one person put it. What would be your "line"? Then jump in and converse with others. As you do that, you make connections. It becomes a gateway to meeting new ppl, networking with them and contributing to a greater audience. Another person put it this way... FB is about keeping up with ppl you already know, and Twitter is about meeting people who you will get to know.
Christine Yount JonesYou're right, Ray...Twitter is good for learning things from really sharp's just not a conversation, per se.
Henry Zonioit's a different kind of conversation :)
Christine Yount JonesA conversation in 150 words or less! I think it's interesting when people say FB is so yesterday. I wonder if FB and Twitter meet entirely different needs. Not sure I could leave FB and only do Twitter, but I am getting exposure to some new people on Twitter.
Ray TollisonHenry, well put!
 Ali 'bennett' ThompsonRay: Conversating does sound more fun. :) Also, I like Myspace the best of all. I'm sad so little goes on there anymore, because I felt like I could really express myself there in picture, song, and writing. It's like it's fading away, and that saddens me.
Laurie McCormick CopleyCheck out this "real life twitter" on you tube...says it all :->
Posted at 13:32

Hide and Seek

I just edited one of the Bible Backgrounds in Buzz: Hide and Seek for Grades 1-2. I loved how this was worded. It's about the parable of the Lost Coin. Enjoy!

                There’s a place for you in this parable. God searches out those who are lost. He pursues them. And often he pursues them through the words and actions of his followers—like you. God is using you to seek out and touch the lives of children in your Buzz class. To shed light on his Word. To model what it means to love God. As you help your children grow in faith, you’re pleasing Jesus. You’re cooperating with his desire for your children.Thank you.


Posted at 21:33

Let the Light Shine!

I can't believe how inspired I am by Elizabeth Edwards' grace and courage and resiliency. Can't wait to get her book on that very topic: Resiliency.

I read this today from O magazine...

Above the Edwards' bedroom door, they have written (from "Anthem" by Leonard Cohen)... "Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

 I love this quote! We are all broken and wounded vessels that God can shine through.

May God's light shine brightly in all the broken areas of your children's ministry and life this weekend!

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