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Christine has over 20 years of children's ministry experience. She's the author of 10 books and hundreds of articles related to children's ministry. It's no wonder she enjoys an almost-daily latte to keep her going! She is also the executive editor of Children's Ministry Magazine and serves as Group's children's ministry champion, responsible for research, development, and innovation in children's ministry resources. 

Countdown to KidMin Conference: 2 Days!

Here we are in Chicago, working hard to get everything set up for our KidMin Conference guests in just two days! We are SO excited to welcome everyone and serve them in a way that's transformational!

Just this morning we met with the hotel staff (20 men and women in black suits!) to give them a vision for the amazing, humble, visionary, passionate, (and a tad tired) folks who are coming. We all agreed that we're eager to give to them in a way that sends them home refreshed.

Take a look at this photo and just imagine what our Angry Pigs game is going to be like during our opening session Friday night! We have crazy fun and giveaways planned.


But more than that, we're excited about what we've planned for our conference guests to have authentic conversations, deeper learning, and renewed passion!

Can't wait to see everyone in just 2 days! And if you're not coming, follow us on twitter: @groupkidminconf and look for this hashtag everywhere: #kidmin11

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Countdown to KidMin Conference: 6 Days!

Never in my life would I buy purple shoes on my own...but that's exactly what I just bought this weekend for the KidMin Conference this week!

Why? This purple shoe thing seems to have taken on a life of itself. People in our Inside Track Team are bringing purple clothes and shoes to the conference. And I want to catch up on the trend.

That's how cool this KidMin Conference is. It's not just our staff creating the culture, but it's conhference guests--and right now, especially our Inside Track Team (you'll learn more about this amazing team at our conference--and how to join it).

There's so much the Inside Track team has shaped and gotten involved in. They'll create the vibe and environment of the Prayer Room. They're getting plugged into panels in so many Ministry Conversations. They're blogging and spreading the word. And they'll be critical volunteers to make everything happen.

I can't wait to see what else they do and create at KidMin! I'm thrilled to get to serve with these folks--even if it means wearing purple, polka-dotted shoes!

Learn more about the KidMin Conference at

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Countdown to KidMin Conference: 14 Days!

In just two weeks, we'll be greeting the most amazing people at our KidMin Conference in Chicago! I can't wait! We're excited to meet the teams and the folks coming by themselves to welcome them to our team!

Speaking of team, it amazes me what a great team we have here working on KidMin. We have Bambi, RoseAnne, and Joey who've done an outstanding job on all our visuals, Adam and Shannon who are ready to lead us in fun preshows, Karen and Jon who've innovated to get the word out, Jeremy who has probably talked to almost everyone on the phone for registration, Leneita who fills in the gaps and partners with our presenters, Danielle who is the bridge to another amazing team--the Inside Track team, Sherri who is a wizard at details and grace, and Tim who leads us so skillfully.

Our Core Team has grown together as we've prayed and planned for our conference guests. We've learned from one another and we believe we're creating a conference that'll be like no other.

I'm celebrating our amazing team today. And I didn't even mention all the other folks who are pitching in to make this happen. Can't wait for you to meet my dear friends we call the KidMin Team!

See you soon!

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KidMin Conference: 18 Days!

We're bathing the KidMin Conference in prayer! We know there are lots of details to still attend to, but we also know that if God doesn't show up at our conference, then we've just been wasting our time.

One of the things that I've had the privilege of doing is praying for each KidMin Conference guest. I've asked God to reveal what's on his heart for these wonderful folks. Some of the things I've prayed for are that God will show up in amazing and surprising ways, that God will bless each person big time, and that God will help them find whatever they're seeking.

I've also felt led by God to pray for unity, vision, big dreams, equipping, hope, encouragement, and so much more.

As the day draws closer, we're praying that God will bring every single person that he wants at the KidMin Conference.

If you haven't yet signed up, it's not too late. In fact, if you sign up and use this code, YountJones, we'll buy you a meal at KidMin! Pray about it. If this is where God wants you--at the KidMin Conference--don't miss out! Go to to sign up!

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Countdown to KidMin: 23 Days!

It's like Christmas around here! Our heart is to bless our conference guests by giving and giving and giving. And our chief elf to make all this happen is Karen Hennings--who's one excited gal about KidMin!

She called me from WalMart last night. My ringer goes off (which is a duck quack), dogs go wild, kid stirring them up...and Karen asks if we need plastic bags for the IncrediBalls we're giving away at KidMin. She's shopping around the clock. (And these IncrediBalls are IncrediBle! Can't wait for you guys to get them.)

Karen has lined up so much amazing SWAG. You'll get pens that twist, toys to take home, gadgets, books, and even Bibles! Okay, I need to stop so I don't spoil every surprise Karen has in her gift bag!

But, be forewarned, if you're coming to KidMin, leave some extra room in your bag for all the goodies you'll want to take home.

And, if you're not coming...yet...get signed up and join us for all the amazing fun and learning and celebrating Jesus!

Go to to register today!

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