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Countdown to KidMin: 23 Days!

It's like Christmas around here! Our heart is to bless our conference guests by giving and giving and giving. And our chief elf to make all this happen is Karen Hennings--who's one excited gal about KidMin!

She called me from WalMart last night. My ringer goes off (which is a duck quack), dogs go wild, kid stirring them up...and Karen asks if we need plastic bags for the IncrediBalls we're giving away at KidMin. She's shopping around the clock. (And these IncrediBalls are IncrediBle! Can't wait for you guys to get them.)

Karen has lined up so much amazing SWAG. You'll get pens that twist, toys to take home, gadgets, books, and even Bibles! Okay, I need to stop so I don't spoil every surprise Karen has in her gift bag!

But, be forewarned, if you're coming to KidMin, leave some extra room in your bag for all the goodies you'll want to take home.

And, if you're not coming...yet...get signed up and join us for all the amazing fun and learning and celebrating Jesus!

Go to to register today!

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