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Countdown to KidMin: 28 Days!

I can't believe we're this close to our national KidMin Conference in Chicago Oct 7-10. (

There's a blur of activity around here as we pray and plan for all the details. Right now, I'm working on the details of the general sessions. I've been talking to our keynotes and love their hearts for Jesus, ministers, and this conference.

When I talked to Gina McClain about her topic of Bounce: Jesus Loves You!, she said that God had been working in her life to help her see it's not about what she does or doesn't do, but her identity is in Christ. (Thank you, God, for preparing Gina to minister to us!)

And in my phone conversations with the hilarious Jim Wideman (I can't talk about him without reverting to my Okie accent), he said that he's really looking forward to the conversations with ministers at KidMin! He pointed out that this is so rare that it's intentionally planned for in an event. I love that we value our conference guests talking to speakers and one another. It's a huge value for us!

We're doing something creative with both Jim's and Gina's keynotes, and I couldn't be more pleased with how open they are to being REAL. Their talks will be interactive and meaningful. So excited to see what God does through them!

Stay tuned...I'll keep you posted on the ins and outs of behind-the-scenes stuff (and try not to show you how much sleep I'm losing because I feel so behind!).

Hope you can join us at KidMin! There's still time. Check it out at


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