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Group KidMin Conference: Looking Back

Wow! God is so amazing! The #1 thing I prayed for the KidMin Conference is that God would show up in powerful and surprising ways. And he did!

No amount of planning and creative programs can make God show up. That's simply the amazing thing where we need to depend on the Holy Spirit to do what only the Holy Spirit can do--refresh, encourage, convict, challenge, restore, heal, comfort, and more.

Thank you, God, for doing God-only things at KidMin! We heard so many stories about lives transformed...people who said they were ready to quit, but God has restored their vision/passion/calling! People who said they came dry, not even able to sense God's presence anymore...yet God touched them in a way that they feel transformed and connected. People who felt like perhaps they were too old or too young to be in children's ministry, yet God showed them they're exactly where he wants them!

The stories are still rolling in! And we're floating around here at Group because we're grateful to have been with our wonderful friends in ministry...and we're grateful for all that God did in them and through them.

We love you guys...and can't wait until KidMin 2012 to see you again! Stay tuned for more details soon.

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