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Aha Moments at Sea

So my other two aha moments on the cruise (I mentioned one in my last blog posting). We rented a beater car from Tony off the side of the road on Grand Turks Island. And when we stopped for lunch, we had an amazing conversation with a restaurant owner (we were the only customers). She poured out her heart to my husband and me (he's an IT guy who's also a trained counselor). We were able to minister to her and I have to tell you that was the most meaningful moment on the entire cruise. It made me want more. In fact, I said to Ray that we could go on counseling missions just to let people talk to him!

The other thing is that I got assaulted by cruise staff to buy really expensive stuff to "cleanse toxins" from my body. I tried to explain to them that it was an issue of conscience that I didn't want to spend loads of money to "prioritize my health." I just kept thinking of a man from Africa who recently asked me to come do some training and I told him I couldn't afford it. How could I buy this stuff and not afford to minister to his leaders and kids? (I've been in touch with him since returning.)

So the outcome? As soon as I got back, I talked to Dave Thornton who leads our LifeTree Adventures (part Indiana Jones/part Mother Teresa), and said "sign me up." When I travel (with an exception here and there), I want to make a difference--not just get waited on!

So I'm planning to go on the LifeTree Adventure trips to deliver Operation Kid-2-Kid items to children in the Dominican Republic (Nov 5-12, 2011) and Costa Rica (March 10-17, 2012). Want to join me? Dave says my job will be to "love on" fellow travelers and children. I can't wait!

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