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What Matters Most: Love

So many kids in the news recently are killing themselves because they've been bullied for being gay. That breaks my heart! And when I listen to Dan Savage, creator of the "It Gets Better" campaign, say that the pain these gay and lesbian kids are suffering is due in part to the "religious right," I get even sadder.

What have we as a church communicated to these kids--or to Mr. Savage--that makes him not know that Jesus loves them and wants to give them hope? What are we communicating to a lost and hopeless generation about the love of God?

What matters most in the church? It's not being right! We need a new definition of "righteous."

We need a loving response to kids who are struggling with their sexuality and trying to come to terms with their creator--were they made that way? is it sin? is it a choice? Does it matter if these kids don't know Jesus' love?

How can we show kids our amazing Jesus who's full of love and compassion first and foremost? It's the work of the Holy Spirit to grow all of us to be like Jesus--and every single one of us in process. I heard someone recently say that our job is to encourage what the Holy Spirit is doing--and will do--in others' lives if we allow them to draw close to God.

My heart is broken that these kids who killed themselves--and those who are struggling still--don't know our loving Savior. What can we, as the church, do to change that?

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