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Would You Get an A?

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life recently conducted a survey of what Americans know about religion. I just took the 15-question quiz, and I scored a 100. Does that mean I'm a better Christian than others? Does it even mean I'm a good Christian?

Does it matter if I know Mother Teresa's religion? Or what Ramadan is? Or which one of four statements is not a Ten Commandment? (Take the quiz for yourself:

It makes me wonder when a research organization makes sweeping statements about how ignorant we Christians are about religion, what is it that they're measuring? our level of faith? our relationship with Jesus? our trust in him? our contentment in tough times? the measure of our character?

I don't think God looks at the things the Pew Center measured because after all, God looks at our hearts--not our knowledge base.

What is it that we're aiming for when we teach our kids in children's ministry? A body of knowledge or a relationship with the living God?

And, can you have one without the other? I'd say yes, because I've known some pretty illiterate people who love Jesus with more passion than many learned people I've known.

We need to focus on what really matters in our ministries--and not take studies like these to heart.

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