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KidMin Conversation, Part 2

Listen in on a conversation between Phillip Moody (our first KidMin Conference Registrant) and myself.

CYJ:  Wow! Thanks for your trust! When you say you need help moving your children's ministry to the next level, help me understand what that level will look like for you when you get there.

Phillip: For me/us it is completing (if we can or ever do) the place where volunteers are lining up to serve and stay committed.  Where the children's ministry is another "front door" for our guests to our church alongside the worship services.  Plus our church/children's ministry is growing.  I think it is time (or soon will be) to put on our big boy/girl pants, and continue to prepare the way for the growth.

CYJ: Oh my gosh, Phillip! I used the "put on your big girl pants" in our KidMin dreaming session, and our dreamers thought that was hilarious. Glad to see I'm not the only one who uses that for "don't be a victim and take charge"! So tell me what your dreams would be that we could create for you at KidMin to take you to the next level. What do you need most at our conference?

Phillip: I think pretty much any seminar you are considering, but if the schedule could have time to reflect.  I am into Spiritual Formation (or want to be into it more), but I'm not talking about that as such.  I wish for time or an experience that would allow individuals to soak in all the ideas they have been exposed to, then write/plan out three ideas that are realistic for the individual/team/and their church situation.  Before they get on the plane, they begin their planning before the chaos that greets them when they get back home off the plane.  And who knows maybe a spiritual exercise/activity could/should be a part of that.

CYJ: Yes! Yes! Phillip, we want to provide that time and processing! This is a God thing to hear this from you to keep pursuing that time for processing and a conference action plan. How can we bless you for being our #1 registrant? (Phillip and our team are working on that blessing!)

 I’m looking forward to meeting Phillip and all the wonderful children’s and family ministers at our first-ever KidMin Conference October 7-10, 2011, in Chicago. Want more info about our first-ever KidMin Conference? Our site will be live with tons of great info the first week of December. Hang on! Then go to 

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