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I Forgot...

Do you ever spend so much time trying to dig up something you forgot that you just give up? Maybe it's just a lifestage thing but I feel like I may be forgetting more than I'm remembering these days. And will it matter?

Watch me wax philosophic here. Maybe it won't. Maybe it's only the things that I do remember...not all the little details that I try to keep up with...that will ultimately shape who I am. And maybe whether I remember them or not doesn't really matter. Maybe the very fact that I was impacted by them at some point or exposed to them is all that mattered. That those things did their work in the moment shaped who I am today. I'm reminded of the book of James where the writer says that being exposed to the Word of God can be like looking in a mirror and forgetting what we look like. So we have to keep coming back over and look is not enough--even a really good look.

So what does this have to do with children's ministry? For years, I've longed to create resources that'll help you impact children for a lifetime (I still do). But maybe, just maybe, in God's greater plan it's enough to impact a child for today. And then we have to entrust that child to God and his faithfulness to bring others (planting, watering, reaping) in the child's life even as a teenager or adult. Impacting a child for today (every today) may just be the impact God calls us to.

These are ramblings. I hope they'll mean something to someone. If not, I'll forget I wrote about this soon enough!

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