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Top-5 Easter Faves from CMMag: #4 Palm Branch Crosses

This is so cool and a great way to use palm branches. We even have a video for it here:

Palm Crosses

Recycle the palm branches you wave at services on Palm Sunday to create these beautifully woven crosses.

The Stuff: Palm branches and scissors

Create It: Follow these steps to create your palm cross. Go to Web Exclusives at to view a step-by-step video.

1. Tear a thin strip off a palm branch. Form a loop at the top of the strip. Form a loop at the long end.

2. With the long end, bend and crease the palm (at an angle), diagonally.

3. Bend the creased strip around to form a cross.

4. Wrap the palm around the vertical portion of the cross, bringing down the strand.

5. Weave the strand around the middle—under and up, over and down, under and up.

6. When the palm strand is near the end, tuck the end in the middle of the weave to finish.

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