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The Puppy Chronicles

We just got a puppy. Take a look at his photo at the bottom of the page! Sweet Teddy! And here are the puppy chronicles (which might just mirror your ministry right now).

Pre-Puppy: Reed asks, "Whose puppy is it more? Is it mine more?" Abby rolls her eyes.

Day 1: Reed and Abby text me simultaneously with numerous complaints that the other isn't sharing the puppy enough.

Day 2: Abby states that she's tired of having to watch the puppy constantly so he doesn't chew, pee, or poo. She's not so sure she likes the puppy. Reed hangs in there with constant care.

Day 3: Abby's done with the puppy. Reed hangs in there with constant care.

Day 4: Reed complains that Abby isn't doing enough.

Sigh...such are the puppy chronicles in our home. And, how is this like ministry? Let's compare our days to seasons of ministry.

Season 1: Excitement, anticipation of all the great things that are going to happen. Setting the vision. Dreaming.

Season 2: Obstacles appear; perhaps disillusionment enters in.

Season 3: Checking out; giving up.

Season 4: Feeling alone and overwhelmed in ministry.

In all honesty, for ministry and for puppies, all of these are a reality check. What do we do? We press on; we dig deep and we acknowledge that nothing is perfect but if we hang in there (in our case with puppy training) the reward will be great (in your case for eternity).

Here's a great article about the seasons of ministry:


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