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What Price, Integrity?

Our family went to an amusement park this week with a water park. As we waited in line to get our tubes for the lazy river, a boy (around 11) asked me, "Can we cut?" I just looked at him. "My family is right down there and we need to stay with them," he said. I actually considered it. Then I looked down at the water to a family that wasn't even the same race as this child--and they weren't looking back in concern as though they were leaving their child behind.

Whoa! It's amazing how long lines can compromise someone's ethics.

But then it happened to me. My son and his friend had bought "rapid passes" that got them to the front of the line. They were tired of riding so he offered it to me. And I actually considered taking it for awhile. Then I thought about what I'd be modeling for him and declined. But I considered it.

It made me wonder: As a kid, long lines are enough to compromise a child's ethics. What inconvenience is it in our lives that would get us to compromise our ethics?

Just wondering...

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