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Brian Haynes--the Real Deal

We spent yesterday in the studio with Dr. Brian Haynes (author of Shift: What it takes to finally reach families today). Brian is also our family ministry columnist for Children's Ministry Magazine.

And...he's the real deal! Brian is the expert voice for the parent-training sessions on our six new Family Faith Celebrations (from Baby Blessing through High School Graduation). We didn't script him. We simply gave him topics to talk about...and then we sat back and marveled.

It was an affirmation that Shift and Family Faith Celebrations flow from Brian's life and heart..and they've been tested in the real-world of his church. As he shared the philosophy and practical encouragement to parents, I was inspired and felt hopeful that it really isn't overly complicated to impact my children's faith. I think all parents will feel the same way as they listen to this authentic Christian man share from his life and ministry.

Learn more about this great resource (coming soon):

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