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Grapple Good News

Back in the day...okay, just a couple years ago, I got to work with our amazing team to create Grapple preteen! It's one of my favorite things that we do!

I just got this email about what people are saying about Grapple (preteen and junior high). So cool! Read on...

“Recruiting and keeping volunteers is easier since I have switched to Grapple. In the past teachers would have a hard time volunteering because the curriculum did not provide enough resources to keep students pulled in….. This was the main reason why I switched to Grapple because I wanted to make sure my teachers had all the resources they need to provide great learning opportunity to our jr. high and preteen students.”

“I find Grapple to be the most effective road map to guide me through the lessons.  For me the lessons are down to earth….Grapple is simple to use”


“We use the pre-teen Grapple with our 4th and 5th graders.  We split our rooms between boys and girls.  One of our congregation members owns a trophy store and I had them make a huge trophy that passes back and forth between the boys and girls when we have our Grapple competitions, i.e. who answered the most questions from the internet, when we play games etc.  The trophy stays in our large group room but moves between the "boys" side and "girls" side.”


“One thing that we’ve done with our grapple curriculum is we have senior high youth come to the class to lead the small group portion.  Our Junior highers love having the older kids take an interest in them and model their faith.”


Check it out at

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