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Be Willing to Delete

One of the toughest things in writing is falling in love with our words. They're so beautiful, artful. How could we ever cut them? But fitting great writing into a magazine or a book requires deleting excess. So cut we must. And what we find is that the piece is often better--more concise but still a thing of beauty.

The same is true in our ministries. We can so fall in love with a program that we'd never delete it. Yet, I just heard this line that I thought was really good (and I've edited it a touch): "Your ministry is only as good as your worst program."

It's true for us here with resources, too. We may have amazing resources, but if we let one languish or in any way become weak, that's what most strongly could represent our brand. And the weakest resource can be death to our brand.

Is there any program you're holding onto that if you get really honest with yourself is harming your ministry's brand? Feel free to prayerfully and sensitively hit the "delete" button. Your entire ministry will be stronger for it!

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