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Shift: For Every Church--or Not?

I love Henry Zonio's description of his blog: "Long gone are the days of cookie cutter children's ministry!" Henry challenges us to adapt, change, and grow! Amen to that!

And as always, I hang on every word that Henry writes because I think he's one of the sharpest children's ministers around! Yet, I was disappointed by Henry's one comment about Shift: "Brian readily admits that what works in his church probably won’t work in other churches."

Henry, he does? I've read the book several times and haven't ever seen that to be true. I think what Brian says is that the strategy won't work exactly the same in every church, yet the principles are transferable to any and every church. In fact, Brian has told me that he's acted as a consultant in churches of all sizes and denominations to enculturate this strategy into each church's culture. And it works!

Other than that one comment, I enjoyed your review (and that you set up this entire blog tour!). I've learned a lot as I've journeyed through such smart children's ministers' reviews. Thanks for making this happen!

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