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Yet Another Ministry Book? Yes!

Tim Inman's review of Shift was fun to read. Like me, he can approach "strategies" that promise the moon suspiciously. Glad to see Brian disarmed him!

Here's part of Tim's review:

Me: “OK you're starting to win me over with your emphasis on family relationships, but isn't this just another strategy? What if your milestones and celebrations aren't as meaningful in my context?"

Brian: (p. 42) “Cookie cutters are for cookies. What I am about to show you is a strategy designed specifically for Kingsland Baptist Church in suburban Houston, Texas. The principles behind this strategy are universal... You're the expert regarding your church and your ministry.”

Me: “I get it. I should get ideas from your plan and let this overarching philosophy guide me as I develop a plan for the people in my life.”

I admit it, this book disarmed the critical-thinking ninja in me just long enough to get through to my heart. Hey, I think I just enjoyed reading a ministry book!"

My thoughts: This is exactly what Brian hoped for...that people would see the pattern and then contextualize it to their ministry since it's so rooted in the biblical model for family ministry!

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