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Milestones vs. Age-Specific Ministries?

Hey, if you haven't seen all the reviews of Shift yet, check out my previous post to see what others are saying about Shift. Compelling insights!

I've avoided blogging in response to the reviews, because I don't want to appear argumentative in any way, but I'm going to take time at this halfway remark to also blog about the blogs!

Liz Perraud writes: "The practice that he lays out in “Shift” involves equipping families through seven age-appropriate milestones “that every person growing in his or her relationship with Christ experiences and celebrates.”  The child or youth (or adult) must learn key truths to progress from one milestone to the next.  The church teaches each milestone to the parents and the parents reinforce them through “faith talks” at home and resources that the church provides.  There are church events that teach and celebrate each of the milestones and that connect parents with one another. I see one gaping hole in the plan…the connection to community for the kids.  As it should, “Shift” describes a structure of stability for the family and sets up an environment for the parents to learn and grow together.  But without a strong system of relationships for the young people—in addition to those with their family—there is a lack of connectedness to the wider body of Christ."

My response: Liz, I agree that connection and community in the body of Christ are critical. And Brian does, too. He's a strong proponent of the age-specific ministries that disciple kids and their parents in the church. The Milestones are a strategy that are congruent with all the great things the church is already doing. But great point, Liz, that this point may need to be made more strongly in Shift. Thanks for your review! Check out Liz's full review here:

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Sofiyan said...
It's great to find soeonme so on the ball
January 4, 2014 04:37
Sofiyan said...
It's great to find soeonme so on the ball
January 4, 2014 04:38
January 4, 2014 04:38

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