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Happy Birthday, SpongeBob!

This blog's on a much lighter note, but I learned from an email from Kidscreen that SpongeBob's 10th birthday is nearing: July 17. (Hey, that's my daughter's 16th birthday!)

Well, I have to admit that I'm a big fan of the entire Bikini Bottom cast. I love SpongeBob's innocence, loyalty, kindness, work ethic, and so much more. Patrick just cracks me up! And Squidward represents everything that SpongeBob isn't.

I know there's that view that the cartoon promotes a gay agenda between SpongeBob and Patrick. But I'm willing to see beyond that accusation because I see these two as children at heart who are just great friends! Disagree if you like, but I'm still a fan.

And, I think there are great character lessons in each episode--plus good fun. So while I won't be sitting with baited breath through the 50-hour programming event to kick off his birthday bash, I do want to wish SpongeBob a lot of crabbie patties and fun jellyfishing for his illustrious day!

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