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Environments Matter

I retweeted this blog from my friend and the author of Group's Turbocharged: 100 Simple Secrets to a Successful Children's Ministry:

Interesting comments from my friends on Facebook:

Susan Corbran: We painted our rooms last year - orange, green, yellow and blue - all different. Now I'm ready to paint my office with the leftover colors -to tie it all in. Our church leadership (but mostly the trustees - who have a say in what the building looks like) has a long way to go to even accept change in environment - but I'm all for it.

Laurie Dyer: Our church switched to a rotation children's SS curriculum about 4 years ago and repainted most of the children's rooms and hallways to go with the curriculum. We have a theatre room with leftover pews from an old remodel, complete with a stage and curtains;an art room painted to look like Joseph's workshop, our "oasis" room has walls painted with desert scenes and a big sheer tent with pillows. the hallway is completely painted with life-like Bible characters; It looks great!

Cheryl Wong: You ought to check out our new environment! It totally rocks!

I want to see pictures of all these great environments! And I'm planning coffee with Cheryl to see my dear friend and check out her digs (since she's right here in Loveland!).

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