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AIDS Exhibit

My family and I went through the World Vision AIDS Exhibit Tour at our church here in Loveland last week. It was amazing! Don't miss it if it's in your area...take families and groups of children...sponsor it at your church...whatever. It's life-changing.

We each started out with a different I-pod that told the story of one of four children. Heart-breaking stories. By the time I walked through Kombo's simulated home, the AIDS highway, and his grandmother's restaurant, I experienced his mother dying of AIDS with him lying beside her. And when I got to the clinic, I discovered whether I had AIDS or not (I won't tell you the outcome so I don't spoil it for you).

Then after leaving the clinic, we went into a chapel where we heard the Scripture "I was hungry and you fed me...naked and you..." Then we chose a child who needed sponsorship and prayed for that child.

We could put the child back if we wanted. But could we? How could we? We'd given our hearts to these orphans in Africa. We left with three children to sponsor (my husband had already been sponsoring a child for 8 years so now we have 4).

Even more noteworthy, the child I chose is named "Christ." I kept thinking 'How can I say no to Christ?' I mean this was definitely the embodiment of "I was hungry...I was alone...I was naked...I was afraid...and what did you do?" I couldn't say no to Christ.

And that's really a metaphor for all of us. When we hear that there are 15 million children orphaned by AIDS, how can we say no to Christ and do nothing?

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