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Goodbye, Renee

This morning, I went to a memorial service of a wonderful mother, wife, woman. She wanted the service to be upbeat and positive--and it was. She truly was a generous, loving, giving, fun person. And she died so quickly...diagnosed in July 07 and died in March 08. It happened too fast.

I came away wondering why it is that at services like this I have a twinge of regret. "She was amazing; I wish I'd known her even better." And then I start to make promises to myself that I'll be a better friend to the friends I have now. I can always do better.

My friend RoseAnne said once that eternity is like a book--and our life here on earth is like an itty bitty period in that book--compared to the rest of time.

Renee's short time on earth is over. But now she's with Jesus forever--the Savior she loved and lived for. We'll miss her here.

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