Bible Games: Solomon’s Wisdom


Use these Bible games for kids to help them learn about the wisdom God gave Solomon.

Set out clay.

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Say: Solomon was a very powerful king. He was in charge of all the leaders in his kingdom, and Solomon encouraged them to worship God. They worshiped at a place called the Tabernacle, where they prepared burnt offerings and dedicated them to God. Let’s see what it’s like to be a powerful king leading people and telling them what to do.

Split the clay into equal balls, and give one to each child. Then have kids stand in a U-shaped semi circle. Choose a willing child to lead.

Say: The leader in this game will tell you what to do with the clay. As leader, you can choose anything safe and fun. You could tell kids to throw it to each other, flatten it like a pancake, or poke holes in it. Listen to the leader. If you do anything other than what your leader says, you’ll have to step out of the game.

Switch leaders every now and then. Everyone can get back in the game when you switch leaders.

Say: As king, Solomon had to tell thousands of people what to do, so he asked God for the wisdom to make good decisions.


  • As leader in our game, how did you decide what to do with the clay?
  • What’s it like to be a leader?
  • Why does a leader need wisdom?
  • Tell about other times we need wisdom to make good choices.

Say: Kings aren’t the only people who make choices. We all make choices every day, like what’s safe or unsafe or what’s the right or wrong way to behave and treat others. It’s nice to know that God knows what to do in every situation. That’s why we ask God for wisdom.

buzz-logoExcerpted from “Royal Ball” for grades 1 & 2 in Group’s Buzz: The Instant Sunday School.

Bible Games: Solomon’s Wisdom
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