Zoo Scavenger Hunt


Our church went on a zoo outing to give our families an
opportunity to attend a church event together. Families enjoyed
spending time together and getting to know other families.

Our main event was a Bible animal search. A few weeks before, I
looked up all the animals I could think of in a concordance, made a
list, and faxed it to the zoo director to confirm which of those
animals lived at our zoo. Then I made a worksheet for participants
listing each Bible passage (from the translation we’d be using) and
the first letter of each corresponding animal’s name. Some of the
clues we used from the NIV were Leviticus 11:30 (lizard), Isaiah
2:20 (bat), Mark 10:25 (camel), John 21:11 (fish), and Revelation
6:2 (horse).

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At the zoo, we formed teams of adults and children. We set a
deadline and let the teams search the zoo for the animals. We
reserved part of the zoo’s picnic area so we could eat our sack
lunches as a group. Everyone had a great time!

Ellen Whitcomb
Moline, Illinois

Zoo Scavenger Hunt
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